Gathering Voices:
Creating a Community-Based Writing Workshop


Marty McConnell offers start-to-finish instructions along with a grounding in the Gathering Voices approach for both aspiring and seasoned facilitators who want to establish or invigorate a poetry learning environment both in community-based workshops and classroom settings.

Praise for Marty McConnell's Workshop Method

On my first day alone, Marty's workshop granted me more community and motivation than writing in solitude gives me in a year. The electricity of one of the workshop writing prompts ended up inspiring my full-length book The Lumberjack’s Dove which went on to win the National Poetry Series. Suffice to say, my life would be much different and much less bountiful had I never wandered in the doors of this workshop.

- GennaRose Nethercott, The Lumberjack’s Dove (Harper Collins)

Marty's workshop is without question, the most valuable outside influence on my work as a poet and editor. I'm incredibly fortunate to have found this space, and with it, a loving poetry family, of new and experienced writers, who are unified by Marty's imaginative prompts, her care, and her constant push for each of us to discover our truest voice.

- Ben Clark, if you turn around I will turn around (Thoughtcrime Press), Reasons to Leave the Slaughter (Write Bloody Publishing)