What people are saying: 

I reached out to Marty at a time when I felt my work was stale and unimaginative. With her enthusiastic approach and vast knowledge of craft, she's helped me take my writing to the next level and build confidence in all areas of my writing. 

My work with Marty has not only given me valuable tools with regard to my craft, she's also taught me that it is much easier than presumed to build a daily appreciation and practice of writing into my busy schedule. I'm now approaching my writing with a newfound energy. I can't recommend her highly enough. 

I had really stopped thinking of myself as a poet when I reached out to Marty. I just needed to start writing again, somehow. I'm now looking at graduate programs! This work changed my life.


I was looking into grad programs and realized that what I wanted was available right here, in a more personalized way, for a fraction of what I'd be paying a school. Marty's approach to making the work better is somehow both really rigorous and incredibly gentle. These poems would not be what they are without her. 

Poetry leads us deeper into ourselves and from there, further out into the world with keener understanding of our place in it. 

This is how poetry makes the world better. 

Not because your particular poem will change someone’s mind about a critical issue, though it might. 

Not because you speak for those who cannot, though you might. 

Not because it feels good to get terrible things off our chests, though it usually does. 

Not because it’s fun or exciting or intellectually challenging, though it can be and can be and often is.

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to do it alone. 

The world-saving work of poetry starts right now, right here, with you. It’s already started. 

What I want to do is work with you to go deeper. So we can go further. 

Here’s the other thing: You don’t have to be great already. 

Hell, you don’t have to be great at all. But maybe you are! Or maybe you could be. 

The fact is, it’s the work that counts. 

It’s the work that changes the world. 

Let’s do it together. 

We’ll explore what’s vital about your writing. What’s life-giving about the poems we read. We’ll make a plan based on your highest aspirations and you will meet them.